lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Cornella-El Prat has become fashionable in the performing arts

Cornella-El Prat has become fashionable in the performing arts. It is a multi-functional stadium, not only to play football on it (for which it was built) but can become the perfect setting to film spots, both TV and film, or to host a concert macro. The espanyola are very proud of their home. They have made it a stronghold for when they visit the rival teams and an ideal place for those who wish to make use of its facilities.

A few weeks ago, the stadium was chosen by Movistar blanquiazul Imagenio to record a spot to promote the pay channel Gol TV. The ad portrays the relationship between a father and a son and football-related experiences during the passage of time. In the spot, it took a day shooting, they are different images of the stadium and the fans dressed in blue and white colors. The player who can be seen on the lawn also carry the same colors but do not see a crest on the shirt or any time reference is made to Espanyol.

During the filming, involving some 250 components of the curve, who attended the camp dressed in the same way as they usually go when you play Espanyol.

The production manager Albiñana Films, Ramses Albiñana, is a follower parakeet and enjoyed life as anyone else with the filming of the spot in their stadium.

In addition to this announcement, a famous beer company also filmed part of his spot in Cornella-El Prat.

Nor should we forget that on 3 July, the stadium hosted its first concert-white. There will be unique in that club sources have said on more than one occasion that music producers have asked to rent the field in the future.

A house full of life

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