martes, 10 de enero de 2017

RCD Espanyol 1-1 Deportivo de la Coruña "THE DEFINITION FAILED"

Al RCD Espanyol lacked definition especially in the key plays finale where Javi Fuego missed a shot with 1 meter of the goal to the door and although it was a rebound, had to score. Like passed in the first part with a jury play. This equipment grows, but very little, the speed of circulation does not increase and sometimes, especially when this Oscar Duarte, is reduced by leaps and bounds. The mechanisms are done, but only to destroy and recover, the team has to generate more chances of goal and more speed touching the first touch of memory. The Depor was superdepor with great plays and combinations where he emphasized what is most lacking to RCD Espanyol a right side with projection. If gentlemen I fell in love with Juanfran L, this right side later that expelled shattered in speed to Piatti and Aaron two of the exponential maximums of the RCD Espanyol. Also emphasizing his work of equipment and the stringer of the first part, the Depor is in a position that does not correspond to him in the league. As for Juanfran will have to follow this player closely, given that he is one of the best right side of the League of this country (in my view) in conjunction with Mariano del Sevilla Cf. Missing a right back in Cornellà-Prat And you have to find it. We have a lot of tostón parties of this type with a lot of contention and catenaccio and have final luck with some backlash in speed, next station Mestalla, we will be aspirin team with the friends of Quique Sanchez Flores, Javi Fuego and Piatti or we will crush a team wounded to death . Let's see if RCD Espanyol begins to change its history of aspirin equipment.

Of course the lack to Piatti was within the area and then there is another that more than doubtful grabbed Caicedo in the last play of the match. De Burgos Bengoechea is outlined as the heir of Iturralde Gonzalez in Cornella-Prat, the last two league and cup matches pinned by him. Pita from afar and his second assistant eats a lot of game because he is not in his place.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season won and is now +0 points (or equal) above with the same rivals of last year with the previous coaches and follows -4 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 to which I lead to third place and his best success of Champions.

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