martes, 17 de enero de 2017


Shameful first part where the team came out to be the aspirin of a Valencia wounded to death. Espanyol does not win since he does not play Marc Roca and the rhythm of game is increasingly slow and parsimonious, where the speed of movement shines by its slowness and as always the team has a shot to door in each part. It needs a right back and replace Victor Sanchez, given that Diego Reyes is a hole in the band. Oscar Duarte has improved but is still very slow on his way out of the ball. As for Javi Fuego and Salva Sevilla that have taken the job of surprising way to Marc Roca, I do not understand it. I only understand that since he does not play Marc Roca does not play the team does not win, indistinctly from his minutes on the day of the Alcorcon. But there are 4 games without Marc Roca and 4 games that have not been won, Nou Camp, Alcorcon, Depor and now Valencia. The team does not advance and goes back, The speed of growth indicated by Quique Sánchez Flores, begins to shine by his absence with his characteristic "Matenaccio" where you do not practice football attack, it touches long ago dizzing the opponent in the first parts And then it is tried to crush in the second. The method increasingly works worse, since only a clear chance is generated in each part and I repeat the game speed is extremely slow for a team that aspires to be up. I'm pissed off and a lot of because he does not play Marc Roca, even on the side I think he would do better than Diego Reyes at the time, but we are in a minicrisis, which I hope will not be aggravated with Granada and Sevilla at home.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season was lost the same and is now +0 points (or equal) with the same rivals of the past year with the previous coaches and continues to -7 points under par with Valencia CF 2005 -2006 to which I lead to the third place and his best success of Champions.

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