martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


A brilliant Real Sociedad who played the tikitaka at a tremendous speed and with a fantastic recovery of balls and positioning in the midfield disarmed an RCD Espanyol that could only carry out sporadic cons. In the first half hour the game was leveled with the 0-1 Carlos Vela overflowing by the band of Aaron before the lack of speed in certain phases of Javi Fuego and Jose Antonio Reyes in the cover and aid to Aaron. But in the end in a play to the space by the center, David Lopez did not arrive at the cut and to Diego Reyes it gained to him by speed until to mark in a against one in the short stick to Diego Lopez.

Espanyol tied the game with a superb play by Hernan Pérez, who slammed into his own defense and made another stop and slipped softly into the goalkeeper's short, poorly covered top.

From here the dominion was absolute of the Real Society that dances to Espanyol to its rhythm and where the perico equipment lost again and again the ball in the middle of the field, in passes, punishments as porters. The Real Sociedad players seemed to have a magnet on their feet. They played wonderfully playing, but the Real is missing, they dance and dance the ball but they do not kick. Until Illarramendi appeared that with a dry leaf from outside the area caused that Diego Lopez made sight and saw as it was leaked by the squadron.

From there, Quique Sanchez Flores was slow to make the changes and did not make them all, he brought Melendo and Alvaro Vázquez but without any fruit, despite the final pitch, Borbalan's mistakes and the last play of the game where a player Of Real Sociedad realized retention of ball in the small area to few meters of the line of goal and forced a mele of rugby for the benefit of his goalkeeper.

It is clear that after this match Espanyol is to fight between the fifth and twelfth place, luck has accompanied in Malaga and Sevilla's victory is clear for lack of a rival player from the first minute of the game. Espanyol's direct rivals are At. Madrid, Celta, Ath. Bilbao, Villarreal down, from there everything is possible. But this parakeet team is a few light years from Seville and Real Sociedad. Obviously Real Madrid and FC Barcelona better not talk. So the maximum credible objective is the fifth place from my subjective point of view.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season was lost and now is +4 points with the same rivals of last year with the previous coaches and -5 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 which led to third place And his best success of Champions.

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