martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

RCD Espanyol 3-0 Osasuna "A practical Espanyol wins without a more fragile and sunk Osasuna"

Yes friends, we continue with more of the same in RCD Espanyol. The course is not filled with promotions for the little ones. The RCD Espanyol in all its lines works as a company, does not generate spectacle or emotions, it simply uses practical mechanisms to add and add in the most practical way possible and without exerting to the maximum.

The team showed that it is superior to Osasuna before its fragile situation and with a baffled defense where in a play in the first part without arriving much, in a masterful center of Piatti finishes Caicedo softly to the network. 1-0 some other arrival more but at a romantic ballad rhythm.

In a later play, a penalty is produced with unjust expulsion of an defense of the Osasuna. Wrong? Why? Firstly because the final trip is done by the goalkeeper, second because it is not expulsion if you are the last defender and you do penalty. It is only if it is violent action. It repeats the day of Seville, where the referees give us numerical advantage, but in this case Caicedo fails the maximum penalty.

 If to this we add that Javi Fuego and Reyes have been sacrificed and has entered the "glander / slow" Oscar Duarte, which makes the speed of circulation go between 2 and 3 seconds slower than usual, as we continue with the " Matenaccio "at a snail's pace, moving from one side to a deadly rival.

Just start in the second half, in a revenge of a corner, Jurado finds the ball kicks away, touches someone lightly and strains ground level at the base of the post. This could make us imagine in a thrashing, but none of that. The team did not keep up the pace and just circulated the ball to the bottom with 10, from one side to the other if just arrived. This does not motivate people to go to the countryside. The team has class and quality to be aggressive and hungry for goals and to improve their overall performance and generate greater spectacle. This fact appeared in the last minutes from the entrance of Melendo where it gave greater dynamism to the equipment.

The 3-0 was an error of a player of the Osasuna that with the game of sun that gave him and shadows, did not see Gerard Moreno, gave an assistance to this as if it was in the same playstation with a masterful Vaseline.

These next two away games, will mark if the Espanyol is qualified to fight for the fifth and sixth place, since they are direct rivals. We will see if the Matenaccio has effect with these two rivals. Taking into account the 0-2 of the first leg with the Galicians and 0-0 with Villarreal. We will see how the topic of average points and goals remains after these double.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season won the Lightning in comparison and now is +4 points with the same rivals last year with the previous coaches and -8 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 which I carry To third place and his best success of Champions.

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