martes, 21 de febrero de 2017

Real Madrid 2-0 RCD Espanyol "Espanyol a shameful sparring without a foot

The RCD Espanyol was once again a more rakish version of its Catenaccio elevated to the maximum power where it only doubled to the rival, one to the clouds and the other went to a meter to the side of the base of the post that Kiko Casilla cleared to corner . The Espanyol was like a boxing sparring that was bound to defend without giving a single punch and thus it is impossible to win and tie the points. The party, a white monologue where they were limited to clearing the white attacks without pronfundidad and coordination in the passes with isolated Piatti and Gerard up. Not even the entrance of Hernan Perez gave fresh air.

So much for Jurado, who lost 1-0 went walking because he hoped to tie, it would be because he hoped to not fit a bigger thrashing. The attitude when you lose is to facilitate the entry of the partner as soon as possible, given that you have more time for the hypothetical tie. The mind of this player every day enters less in my philosophy of soccer, will have days of class and esthetics of millimeter pass but in certain things it is a gland of care and it lacks a pelin of spark and testiculina in its game. I was very disappointed Jurado in the party of the Bernabeu among others. It is very irregular, and this team needs a regular creator, I hope Melendo will soon take over.

Little more to say, Madrid to the trumtrum won without more with overwhelming logic of loading in the band where there was the side holder and where David Lopez defended himself as he could even with magical elastic Christian pipes. David Lopez plays where he plays, he does it fairly well, at this stage he only has the goalkeeper and center forward ... And we all know that he heads well and has several goals with the white jersey.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season was lost and now is +4 points with the same rivals from last year with the previous coaches and -8 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 which led to third place And his best success of Champions.

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