lunes, 3 de abril de 2017


From now on Espanyol does not play soccer games, but physical combat battles where the details of those who enter the second part can decant the balance hacñia one side or the other. It was a game of pressure axfisiante of the Betis above where he did not let the Espanyol out in their usual cons where they closed Piatti well in a band and the "slow" but with excellent quality Jury. Even with the change of bands of the two players in the 30th minute of the first part has not borne fruit.

Initially there were some indecisions between Aaron and those around losing loose balls that went by the band. It seems that the interest of Real Madrid can affect a large side where he fails the speed of return after his penetrations. If no one covers him, the hole is tremendous and Diego Reyes can not do everything.

The second more of the same, and the referee did not teach cards of any color until the penalty in favor in the 77 minute before a few rigorous hands and I do not know if well indicated. In the end almost Diego Lopez stops him but Ruben Castro was ahead of Betis to delirium of the more than 3000 béticos in Cornellà-Prat.

But Reyes entered and was like putting a glove to the attack of RCD Espanyol, the center in the play rehearsed from the middle tie to the second suit for a shot in the back line and someone to appear, in this case was Javi Fuego. Draw and attack with an exhalted step.

And Espanyol insisted on a counter where the ball to Reyes and instead of kicking with the left screw to the squad, made a dribble dried and with the right hand passed it between the defenses to the square of the goalkeeper's short stick. Extasis in the Estadi where in the 88th minute they lost 0-1 and in 92 they won 2-1. Remounted express that makes the pericada look closer the dream seventh position. One more battle won and 9 remain.

Finally recognize that the Betis is the team that best press up and the best to get the speed and accuracy of the serve.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season now is +9 points with the same rivals last year with the previous coaches and -10 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 which led to third place and his best Success of Champions.

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