domingo, 22 de enero de 2017


Well, well, well, well, after giving it back that Javi Lopez, that if Victor Sanchez, that if Diego Reyes relocated and my dreamed Mariano del (Sevilla) and Juan Fran L. del (Depor) ... Today we have discovered that It is better not to experiment with players nor to dream of players from other teams, but to pull the huge, MARC NAVARRO affiliate. Debut, puts a great and superb defense to the cut, a star has been born that together with Aarom Martin we have the sides covered to keep growing. Now, I want high clauses, I think Aaron already deserves a contract improvement and a clause according to Marc Roca, that is 40 million euros and with Marc Navarro, at the same time and continue to demonstrate today.

The game itself was of those who start with spark and speed looking for space to Piatti and as it went crazy to the side that marked it, the Granada was not in the field and much will suffer but it changes the way of playing, many inaccuracies and failures of Mark which took advantage of the Espanyol in one of its deepening by the left side with the pair Piatti and Aaron that a passed passed Reyes and like a glove put it in the opposite squad with slight clearance of Ochoa putting the 1-0.

A foul to the edge of the area in the only arrival of the Granada, served for the tie for a failure of the whole barrier that jumped and the kick was smooth and below the barrier adjusted to the stick.

Already in the second half a superb cut in the middle of the field of Diego Reyes meant a counter for Aaron that happened to Juardo and yielded to Piatti to mark the 2-1 that the center.

Then came the third in a series of combinations by the right side where Marc Navarro is lost and recovers the ball that makes of Jose Antonio Reyes, is strung by the line of area and puts it in the squad in its debut. From Raul Tamudo that no canterano debut in league and mark.

With 3-1 everything was calm the pace was more slow and David Lopez had the 4-1 and the Granada in the last minutes had 3-2, but a paradon Diego Lopez avoided.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season was lost the same and now this +2 points (RECUPERA 2) with the same rivals of last year with the previous coaches and continues to -7 points under par with Valencia CF 2005- 2006 to which I take to the third place and his best success of Champions.

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