lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016


FC Barcelona is wrong again and again if they believe that MSN is the ones that solve everything. The featherweight matenaccio was opened by the master Don Andres Iniesta and a milímetrico pass to Luis Suarez that in a perfect against and two touches put the 1-0 before one of the pressure plays top of RCD Espanyol. The game was curious, FC Barcelona kicked 6 times between the three sticks and got 4. Espanyol 1 and got 1. Then some other kick Neymar and Messi out or the clouds and like no Javi Lopez on the edge of the break, alone Anchored it threw it to the clouds, it returned to fail like the last year. The match was a total control Barca with some sporadic combinations against the RCD Espanyol who died without reaching the Barca area, there were ideas but no three-quarter-up. The Barça was dry in the first part except for the goal and another against Iniesta for Neymar and failed in the shot of Messi. The second was key to the injury of Diego Lopez and the entrance of Roberto, where in the second goal that revolutionizes the game fails in the clearance after dribbling of 3 players of Iniesta and 4 players of Messi, then as in the first the opportunism of Suarez , Put the 2-0 and disengaged Espanyol that in another individual play of Messi scored the third Jordi Alba. Espanyol combined with Melendo and came in one against the 3-1 in the absence of a quarter of an hour that sowed some doubt in the cules after two other combinations pericas. In the end, all the Catalans worked so that Messi will score the fourth before a total failure of the whole defense. Everything must be said that in another decision later doubly Roberto saved a double goal, but Roberto is not today at the height of Diego Lopez, we will see the extent of his injury.
Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season was equally lost and now is +2 points above with the same rivals last year with the previous coaches and down to -4 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 at Which led to the third place and his best success of Champions.

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