martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

Villarreal 2-0 RCD Espanyol "No more wax than the one that burns, goal seventh place"

Yes, gentlemen, there is no more wax than the one that burns. Espanyol played more and better in Villarreal with Melendo and Marc Roca in the middle of the field than in Vigo, but Espanyol lost. He lost generating more chances than in Vigo, but failing, especially Jurado that had a goalmouth and a distant kick that went up. There was also another of the Diop but went to the left of the goalkeeper.

RCD Espanyol is a predictable team where you can only win an opponent of the top six or draw in their field if they play with 10 or are very disciplined as in the first round with Villarreal, Real Sociedad or At. Madrid.

The league of the 6 in front goes very great to him to Espanyol. The distances are already very great for the remaining days and the game that determines that we can opt for the seventh place and determine the average goal is 15 days here in Ipurua.

Returning to the match yesterday, Villarreal was a disputed match where Villarreal where the first hit took the cat to the water, had chances both, but in the most bundle on the edge of the break Villarreal scored with the knee in front of the goalkeeper . All this happened because the defense was covering, covering and covering without penalty or entering and in the end was left free to score with the knee to the edge of the break.

In the second part was tried more dynamism in the game, but there was no fruit nor with the entry of Caicedo, the team still have two major problems in speed of play and are called Oscar Duarte and Jurado. Both make the dynamism of the game slower. With what point, to my point of view to create more dynamism in the game it is necessary that David Lopez go back and Melendo with Marc Roca are in the center and leave in the bench players like Jurado, Javi Fuego and Oscar Duarte that make The game goes between 1 and 2 seconds slower than it would be the right pace to generate faster attacks on the opposing goal.

If we analyze it in the games where these players have not been, the results have been much more satisfactory.

The goal is clear the seventh place and then wait for the league final to look next week with an eye on the Vicente Calderon, in case our hated neighbor wins and gives us a ticket for Europe. It is the only possibility of the European ticket as it is the league today.

Quique Sanchez Flores, with this result compared last season now is +5 points with the same rivals last year with the previous coaches and -10 points under par with Valencia CF 2005-2006 which led to third place and his best Success of Champions.

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